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The Celts loved and reveared the animal kingdom and now,
you can too. JOIN

The Very Faery Shoppe is inviting you to join us in bring
the Celtic ideologies and Faerie traditions to life.
We are proud to announce our membership with CyberSites,
dedicated to bringing animals and people together.

It is completely free to join and all registration information
is confidential.

Why join? That's simple ... to get free chat, instant
telegramming, free home pages, bulletin board posting,
"who's online" people panel, access to free on-line
games, quizes, communities and most of all, get a
chance to show your love for the animal realm.

NO Kill Shelters

As animal lovers and guardians for the wellness of animal our friends, we at the
Very Faery Shoppe whole heartedly commend the efforts of shelters like this one
in Lehigh Valley, PN.  Wouldn't this be a better world if all of us got involved
like this?

PAWS Wildlife Vaery Faery Shoppe      Very Faery Wildlife You Can Help!
 Good people helping wildlife ... go see!

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