The Very Faery Shoppe is inviting you to join us in bring
the Celtic ideologies and Faerie traditions to life. We are
proud to announce our membership with Ancient Sites,
dedicated to bringing history alive and people together.

We are creating a living on-line clan and open our doors
wide to you to join. Best of all, it is completely free and
all registration information is confidential.

Why join? That's simple ... to get free chat, instant telegramming,
free home pages, bulletin board posting,  "who's online" people
panel, access to free on-line games, quizes, communities and
most of all, get a chance to bring the Faerie Realm to life.

Here are the directions to  the VeryFaery Cormac (Wolf) clan:
Located in the city of Tara
A member of the Cormac clan
The Very Faery Shoppe is known by the name VeryFaery

You may join our clan by following these steps:

  • Click onto JOIN and either Register or you may login as a guest.
  • If you decide to register, you will want  choose the city of Tara.
  • You may chose your own first name.
  • You may choose a clan name as your last name.
  • Once you have registered, drop VeryFaery Cormac a note.
  • If you registered, you now have chat, instant telegramming,
    free home pages, bulletin board posting, games and "who's
    online" people panel. All for FREE!

    If there is anything we can do to make joining easier,
    please drop us a note at .
    We're so excited about creating this new realm!

    The home page of Ancient Sites:

    Very Faery Shoppe's Celtic Homelands


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