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  • Dindsenchas ("Lore Concerning Places")
    These 5 volumes focus on the central mythology of the Tara of Ireland.

    Metrical Dindshenchas
    All five volumes for one excellent price.
    Author: Gwynn, E J
    Binding: Cloth
    Published: 31 December 1991
    Publisher: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Celtic Studies

    Or purchase them individually:
    Metrical Dindshenchas pt1
    Metrical Dindshenchas pt2
    Metrical Dindshenchas pt3
    Metrical Dindshenchas pt4
    Metrical Dindshenchas pt5

    Excellent resources for more information on the Dindsenchas via the web.

    An Oibracht Ceilteach by Searles O'Dubhain


    The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Boxed Set

    The Lord of the Rings


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    The Books of Faerie (comics) ORDER HERE!

    The Books of Faerie front cover graphics courtesy of Christina
    Now you can order The Books of Faerie! Click the link to see!


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