America's Stonehenge

Not only are the ruins that enhabit a hill top in North Salem, New Hampshire, significant with regards to the esitence of ancient Celtic peoples having lived in the North American continent, but these ruins are also significant as an ancient astrological calendar.

The Equinox Project

This is a unique web presentation. Here you will find material that is presented nowhere else. We have discovered, or more properly re-discovered, a true animation that is designed to function on the equinox. This discovery is of serious historic importance. It explains the root religious beliefs of the Native Americans. This is a first. No where else is this information available. The Equinox Project is proud to make this presentation. We are dedicated to the preservation of this endangered artifact and the philosophies it represents.


Just behind the Groton naval yard is a unique collection of lithic material in a place called Gungywamp Swamp. In addition to chambers, there are a number of different lithic artifacts at this site. This is Gungywamp Society's guiding light, David Barron, at a stone row. In England, these rows are common. In New England, they're not.


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