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Very Faery Celtic Musical Instruments

Here are the tools of the trade!

The Very Faery Shoppe brings you the best prices on the web for these wonderful instruments. There's nothing like the soothing sounds of the harp, even if a beginner is playing. A perfect gift for someone special ... like you!
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Celtic/Bhardic Musical Instruments
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    very faery MEDIAEVAL BAEBES      very faery Loreena McKinnett  
The incredible music of the Mediaeval Baebes is going to
knock your socks off!
They're appeared in the Lilth Fair and as my friend
Yazmeen put it, "They really kicked tush. Their performance
was so enchanting that I think they must be in cahoots with
the OtherWorld... ;)"
Can't beat that for a great recommendation.

And, our Very Faery Fav singer is Loreena McKinnett. All of us enjoy dancing wickedly to her Book of Secrets! A must have album!

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Fairy Spells Ireland
Seahenge Discovered!

Thanks to the advice of one of our lovely Faerie friends, we are delighted to highlight a web resource that outlines the discovery and restoration of the Seahenge.

We invite you to go read about Seahenge and then, return to the Very Faery Message Board for a discussion about the findings and its implications ... if indeed there are any.

We at the Very Faery Shoppe are interested in promoting a greater understanding for all things Faery. We aren't interested in promoting old feuds or starting new ones. So, please be respectful of everyone's opinions as there are truths to be found at every turn.

Let's take a look at Seahenge and then, discuss it's contents.

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Great offer if you're in need of a new computer and short on cash.


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